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The Convention Report: (Day 1 not attended) Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Day II (we did not attend day I) of the 2010 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton

As usual, we had purchased our tickets far in advance, and were able to go to the front of the line for our badge lanyards, and wrist bracelets.  The crowd was heavily costumed; this is significant later.  There were some activities for the higher-priced ticket package holders, such as breakfasts with the stars, but we attended the presentations of the actors, for the most part. The other parties, auctions, etc., were of no interest to us.

First up for us on the second day, (we did not attend the first day of the con) was a session with Eugene Roddenberry, son of the legendary Star Trek Creator, Gene Roddenberry, and Trek actress Majel Roddenberry, (“Christine Chapel”) who are both deceased.  He spoke of some ventures he is working on with his business partner, such as a documentary about Gene Roddenberry, the man, not the celebrity.  The younger Roddenberry is associated with treknation.com.  He lamented the failure of “The Questor Tapes, as did many in the audience, and discussed his interactive web site.

Next was the “Dominion Panel” from “Deep Space Nine”.  This consisted of Casey Biggs, Marc Alaimo, Andrew Robinson, Jeffrey Combs, and Salome Jens.  The very erudite Andrew Robinson was probably applauded the loudest. (this included ourselves)  Since our last convention experience, Creation has now implemented an interviewer speaking to each of the stars prior to fan questions.  We imagine this is to alleviate the repetitive and often banal questions posed by the fans, but we feel the “interviews” should be much shorter.  There was little time for fans to speak with the actors following the interview session, which is frustrating, considering the very high prices paid for admission.  Just a thought.  Most of the fan comments for this session were the typical things, however; gushing adoration, “favorite scenes” etc., but refreshingly, people did ask about other projects in the actors’ pasts. As per usual, the autograph sessions followed, which were incredibly overstuffed.  The line for Andrew Robinson was longest, (not surprisingly) but seemed to not move at all.  When we got up to his table, we realized why; the very gracious and kind Mr. Robinson was personalizing the autographs – something Creation usually forbids. Some fans requested personalization, but we did not – he offered it. 

We skipped the presentation by Eric Stillwell, script coordinator for The Next Generation (TNG) “Yesterday’s Enterprise” episode.  Wandering around, we saw many more fans in costume; some of the “Orion Slave Girls” exposed their mid-drifts, which, even with the larger girls was fine. The one exception was an elderly lady with sagging…um…parts.  She had a great body otherwise, especially for her age, but she needed a lot more uh…support.  Just an opinion. There were a surprising number of women dressed as characters from the “A Private Little War” episode of the original series.  Very well done!

At 2:45 p.m., (more or less) Avery Brooks took the stage, and as usual, he brought down the house.  Deep Space Nine (DS9) fans seem to be a bit more fervent than even The Original Series (TOS) fans.  They seem to have the utmost reverence for all of the cast members, but especially their “Captain”.  Mr. Brooks opened with a jazz song from his CD, accompanying himself on piano.  To no one’s surprise, his rich voice was lovely to hear.  Afterward, though it was very kind of him to do so, we were dismayed that Mr. Brooks had each fan with a question/comment get up on the stage.  This is good with children, but really shouldn’t be done with adults, mostly because of the time constraints. Mr. Brooks really seemed to enjoy and appreciate his fans; even that really obnoxious one, who kept asking the actors about beets.  We wish we were kidding, here.  It was awful – Mr. Brooks gave him time to elaborate, while the rest of us were yelling, “NOOOOOOO!!!”  More on that later.

Following Mr. Brooks was a skit by former “Lone Gunman” Dean Haglund and former “Commander Ivanova” of “Babylon 5”, Claudia Christian.  They were doing improvisational impersonations of “Captain Janeway” (Kate Mulgrew) and “Q” (John DeLancie) on Star Trek: Voyager (VOY) – it seems Q wishes to assess Janeway’s qualifications to bear his child.  They drafted audience members in supportive roles, each of which improvising their lines as well.  We didn’t stay for the entire skit, because of autographs elsewhere, but we did stay long enough to hear Ms. Christian’s pitch-perfect impression of Kate Mulgrew’s unusual voice.  Afterward, we took another shot of Claudia in the Dealer's Room, and told how impressed we were by her performance.

There was a “Promenade Panel” following “Q vs. Janeway” that featured DS9 cast members James Darren, Armin Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois, Nana (“non-AH”) Visitor and Aron Eisenberg.  The “Interviewer” asked if some of the cast felt their characters were “outsiders”; Nana felt Kira was an angry rebel who couldn’t really relate to anyone on the station, at first. Armin was not sure what the subject of the question was, and Rene admonished him to “keep up”.  These two verbally spar throughout the panel.  (as usual)  James said his character, Vic, was essentially a light bulb that could turn itself off, to which Rene replied, “You turn us off.” Aron said his character, Nog, was connected to everyone, which prompted Rene to say, “Who are you?”  He was in rare form. A fan asked Rene what it was like to do a love scene with Nana.  He said it was awkward, because he, his wife, and Nana were off-screen pals.  Armin’s microphone stopped working, so he went over and took Rene’s, to answer a fan’s question.  The actors were  asked what was their biggest, life-changing failure?  Rene said it was a Broadway musical (“Dance Of The Vampires”?) up until that time – he says it is no longer “number one” but we don’t recall his naming what took its place.  James Darren said that some time ago in New York, he and Dick Roman were recording records at the same studio.  He listened to Roman’s session, and thought it was great.  Then he recorded his own, thinking he was just as good, perhaps better; but on playback, he realized it was terrible. He said it was his own fault, because he was not properly prepared.  Nana said her biggest flop was the recent road show of the musical “Chicago” in which she had been “not bad, but not good”; once the show came to Las Vegas, things deteriorated considerably.  She takes solace in her new bakery business.  Aron said he had many failures, but that you cannot let the failures deter you from your dreams.  He said no dream is too far out of reach, and that he had to decide if he wanted to put his all into acting, or attend college.  His choice is obvious.

On a side note, yours truly walked past Richard Herd's table, and chatted with him.  He said, "So which picture do you want?"  We hadn't really planned to buy his autograph, but we did like him on both Seaquest  (Admiral Noyce) and Star Trek: Voyager (Admiral Paris) However, we did purchase his autograph, which comes with a picture of you with him.  He's quite a character, and seemed to be having a good time.  We also met Natalia Nogulich, (Admiral Nechayev on TNG) who is a very strong supporter of the military.   She gives half-off discounts to military fans.  She was very sweet to us Margot Rose was also there ("Inner Light" TNG) and engaged in conversation about her part in "48 Hours" as well as TNG and "Night Court." (You can see her web site here) Claudia Christian ("Babylon 5") is pretty much a fixture at sci-fi cons, and always chats with us. (we bought her autograph, etc. at previous cons)  Others we met, but did not chat with, are: Carol Struycken, Sally KellermanGary Lockwood, Grace Lee Whitney , Lawrence MontaigneRichard Hatch, Chase MastersonRichard Kiel, and Virginia Hey.

Following that session were all of the aforementioned parties, etc.  Once again, the autograph line was ridiculous, but this time, it was poor logistics.  The autographs for this panel started at 5:40 p.m. (more or less) but we didn’t get Nana’s autograph until about 8:45 p.m.!  Between all of these events, we wandered around, taking pix of guest stars from Star Trek and other sci-fi/fantasy.  These photos and encounters will be discussed later in the report.

The next installment…. 

willliam shatner/leonard nimoy sir patrick stewart avery brooks jonathan frakes/michael dorn brent spiner

voyager cast enterprise cast "the dominion panel" "the promedade panel" etc. 2010 con report home

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The Convention Report: (Day 1 not attended) Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

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