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The 2010 Creation Las Vegas Trek Con Report: (Day 1 not attended) Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

Day IV

First on our agenda was Jonathan Frakes’ autograph, at 9:30 a.m.  This went very quickly and smoothly, thank goodness. 

We then moseyed over to see Barbara March, (“Lursa”) Gwynyth Walsh, (“B’Etor”) and Todd Bryant . (“Captain Klaa” in “Star Trek V”)  All three spoke of long sessions in the make-up chair, but March lamented that Walsh had a two-piece corset, while Walsh had a two-piece costume.  It not only took much longer for March to be made up, but the completed costume and make-up was extremely hot and uncomfortable.  A fan asked why there was no mention of Lursa’s child following “All Good Things” – March said she had no idea, and that she thought it was odd that Lursa should be pregnant, when B’Etor is younger.  Yours truly told March that until that day, March was believed to be black by us.  She was very surprised, and asked why; the reply was that her voice, speaking style, and features seemed black.  Todd Bryant later said that many thought he was black as well.  Walsh pointed out that a fan brought a poster of Walsh and March in full character. There were several female fans dressed as Klingons at the con in general, so of course they were present at this session.  Walsh mentioned that to play a character in heavy makeup/costume it requires stage experience, as your body movements are important in conveying your character’s emotions.  Deliberate hand gestures, especially.  Bryant spoke of his current work as Will Ferrell’s double in the current movie, “The Other Guys” (Bryant does mostly stunt work now) and of his time doing stunts on “Friends” “Lost” and many other movies/T.V. shows.  A good time was had by all.

Next up was the cast of “Enterprise” – Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, Anthony Montgomery, John Billingsly, Matt Winston, (son of the late special effects wizard, Stan Winston) and Stephen Culp. There was the usual clowning as they entered, followed by the “interviewer” (who was to their right)  asking questions of the cast, such as their impressions of Scott Bakula, who was viewed as the “big brother” of the cast.  John, who is always hilarious at these things, said “I slept with him!”  Dominic then said, “He’s not the only one!” Matt mentioned that Scott would tend to little details, like “spitting down my hair” (using saliva to smooth Matt’s hair) to which Anthony replied, “I never needed that, since I have an Afro.” Matt was asked about his father, and said that his father said to never take show biz too seriously, but be a professional.  Matt spoke of getting bit parts in “Jurassic Park”, “Terminator” and “A.I.”  Anthony described his character on “Enterprise” as a positive everyman, with youthful exuberance.  Anthony mentioned that he had gone up in the space shuttle, but his character, “Mayweather” hadn’t. J  Connor said that at first he thought “Enterprise” was somehow “not (significant) enough” premiering so soon after 9/11, (September 26, 2001) but that his own father told him the show was aired at the right time, as it gave hope for the future.  Connor said when his character’s sister was killed, (“The Expanse”) he decided to play his part as grieving 9/11, to add weight to his performance.  When asked about the Trip/T’Pol romance, Connor said that since Vulcans only mate every 7 years (“pon farr”) the sex must be “really good!”  He also said that Trip was “spineless” in that relationship, and that it was one-sided, as T’Pol never gave back.  John then chimed in saying, “You slept with my (character’s) wife!”  Connor replied that since T’Pol only mates every 7 years, Trip had to fulfill his “needs.”  Culp asked himself, “Why am I here?” in regard to his character.  So, Culp decided “Major Hayes” was a man of action, not words, since the character had few lines.  He went on to say the character was selfless.  Dominic later said, “I told them not to hire you!” John started paying fans, if he liked their question/comment!  When asked about his character’s (“Dr. Phlox”) species, Denobulan, John said there were a great number of his species about the galaxies, since they “breed like rabbits” have 3 penises, and that he would show the fan this, backstage. J  John lamented that when he had the steady work (he thought for 7 years) on Enterprise, he had six days off, then a check, but now, no check.  He said he has to depend on his wife, Bonita Friedericy (“General Beckman” now a regular character on the series “Chuck”) who was in the audience.  John said he was now a “kept man.”  When yours truly got to the microphone, John was told that as military people (Air force officer/AF veteran) we were pleased at how accurately, and humanly Ms. Friedericy played her character, as most movies/T.V. shows rarely get it right.  Yours truly also asked to meet her, if possible.  John said, “That can be arranged” and Ms. Friedericy waved to show where she was seated.  Not wanting to blind Ms. Friedericy, a couple of shots were taken of her without flash, in shaking hands, so it’s rather poor.  Ms. Friedericy gave yours truly a very big hug, and thanked both of us for our military service. It was fantastic.  John was asked about his costume, and mentioned that the contact lenses often blinded him for up-close vision, to the point that he “didn’t know Reed wasn’t gay.”  He went on to say he tripped a lot while wearing the costume, whereas Scott Bakula was so comfortable, that he “had a wet bar in his dressing room.”  Apparently a tape exists that has John on an obscenity-laden tirade, regarding his discomfort in full makeup.  One fan brought in the very bizarre “Pegasus Unicorn” – seriously – which of course flummoxed everyone but that particular fan.  A fan (perhaps the same one?) said she lived at the Grand Canyon, to which Dominic replied, “I hope you don’t sleepwalk!” 

Bruce Greenwood was unable to attend the con, so David Gerrold (writer of the TOS episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles”) took Greenwood’s place.  Gerrold mentioned that he also writes episodes of “New Voyages” and had made cameos in the DS9 episode, “Trials And Tribulation” as well as in “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”  When asked about J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie, Gerrold related that he thinks Star Trek should be primarily about exploration, not relationships, citing that the Enterprise’s mission is supposed to be the focus.

We next attended the “Xindi Panel”, featuring Tucker Smallwood, Scott MacDonald, Randy Oglesby and Rick Worthy. (not in that order in the photo)  As with all of the costumed actors, they spoke of the difficulties in preparation.  Tucker was asked about his Vietnam service in regard to his work as “Xindi-Primate Councilor” to which he replied that his battle training helped in portraying the character, and others of that ilk.  Tucker was wearing memorabilia of his war service. The others spoke of their work in movies and television.

Next up were the incorrigible Brent Spiner and Sir Patrick Stewart.  The action with these two was wild, so the timeline portrayed here may not be spot-on accurate, however, the antics most certainly are.  Patrick took the stage first, but he and Brent took turns heckling each other, much like William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy did on Saturday.  Patrick began by speaking of his recent lesion biopsy on the top of his head, which was why he was wearing the cap.  He said that he didn’t want to be “unattractive” or “undesirable” to which many in the audience, (including yours truly) shouted things such as, “That’s impossible!” Patrick was wearing a jacket (from “X-Men” swag?) that he was going to auction.  While Patrick was discussing the charity that would receive the funds, “Huddlesfield Soccer” a fan yelled “$10,000!  Someone else yelled “SOLD!”  This took everyone by surprise, (was this guy serious?)  but Patrick said that he hadn’t finished “the pitch” yet; Patrick also said he planned to start the bidding at  $20,000! Patrick verified that the fan was serious about the bid, then asked the fan to get onstage.  (one would think the fan regretted not bidding less money)    Later, Brent Spiner pretended to be a fan, and, using his voice from a character he played on “Night Court” “Mr. Weaver/Wheeler” – the name changed with various episodes) Spiner asked a bunch of silly questions, while never addressing Patrick as “Sir” – you really had to be there.  Patrick mentioned a movie he was currently filming, “The Water Warriors” (?) saying it was scary, (a thriller) but that, “you’ve seen Michael Dorn, you can take it.” (may not be an exact quote) Some time later, Dorn went onstage with Patrick, pretending to beat him up, with Patrick ending up on the floor – too busy laughing, no pix taken, sorry.  After more assorted silliness from Spiner, Patrick told Spiner to get onstage, which Spiner did, briefly, then Patrick dismissed Brent with, “You sir, have said enough!” Spiner returned to the fan question line. Spiner (as the “fan”) asked “What are those dots on your head?”  To which Patrick replied that during his upbringing, it was considered rude to ask such questions. When Spiner tried to ask another “fan” question, Patrick said, “Shut up!” Patrick was asked about Picard being based on Horatio Hornblower, to which Patrick replied that yes, Picard was based on that character, and that Hornblower had seasickness, and threw up at sea.  Spiner, as the “fan” yelled “Do you throw up?  To which Patrick replied, “Only when I see you!” Patrick tried to solicit a larger bid than the previous bidder on the aforementioned jacket, but, not surprisingly, no one spoke up.  Spiner then referred to the jacket as “silly” and was again told to get onstage, and this time, Brent donned the auctioned jacket.  Spiner found pockets, and said they could be added to the “pitch.” Spiner took center stage, only to be heckled by Patrick as a “fan” as well. Spiner attempted to auction his shirt for $5,000 – no takers.  Brent did a bunch of over-the-top poses for our flashing cameras, then started taking fan questions.  A fan asked if Brent had any new projects, to which Brent replied that he would be knighted by the Queen, he would be in the next Star Trek film, and other equally absurd  things.  When asked (after calling Patrick back onstage) why he never directed, Brent replied that he doesn’t have the energy for it, then promptly sat down next to the already-seated Patrick, pushing Patrick to the next seat.  Someone suggested Brent do a one-man show in L.A. – Brent then said that if he did a one-man show, at $10,000 per show, he could retire after a few months, and that it was a good idea. J  A fan asked what was the funniest incident on the set of TNG, to which Spiner became very stern, and said, “Nothing funny ever happened.” Spiner says he would never joke about Patrick, but refuses to call him “Sir” Brent then said that if he thinks of anything funny, he’ll call the fan, asking for the fan to give his/her phone number to Creation staff.  When asked what part he would most like to play, Brent said he’d like to play “Sir Brent” then did a dead-on impression of Patrick, singing “Volare!” (there’s that song again) and affecting a Jonathan Frakes-type swagger.  He went on to say how big and tall Frakes is, while Patrick flexed his muscles to illustrate. J  Patrick mentioned that he, Frakes, Dorn, Spiner and others, all had dinner in Los Angeles recently.  Patrick and Brent broke out in a song, “I Guess I’ll Have To Change My Plans”  - we were puzzled by that action.  Patrick said the song would be better if they were both in the same key.  A fan asked about regrets, and Patrick mentioned an on-set incident in which Patrick said something inappropriate to Michael Dorn, which resulted in Dorn ripping Patrick, something for which Patrick said, “I deserved it – I was out of line.”  But he would not divulge the nature of the comment.  A short time later, their session ended. 

We went over to an adjacent theater to see the 1960s Catwoman, (who portrayed other memorable characters as well, such as “Eleen” in TOS’s “Friday’s Child”) Julie Newmar.  She looked amazingly well, despite having needed some help getting onstage.  She’s nearly 77, but still very sharp-witted.  She has just finished a book on how she maintains her very impressive body and mind.  She revealed that she’s just not much of a science fiction fan. (fair enough)  When asked about working with the late Patrick Swayze in “To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Love, Julie Newmar” she said it saddened her, even back then, that he was a chain-smoker.  She wasn’t surprised to hear he had cancer.  Ms. Newmar said she never really considered herself an actress, but more of a dancer first.  She discussed her close relationship to Lee Strasberg (famous actor/acting coach, originating “method acting”) and his family.  She recalled very finite details of many of her parts, on such shows as “The Twilight Zone” the 1960s “Batman” series, as well as Star Trek.  Her figure and demeanor are amazing for any age, but the fact that she’s elderly increases the awe factor.

Michael Dorn (scroll down on that page) was next on the agenda, but we could only snap some pix of him and leave, as we had another engagement. 

We think this may be our last Star Trek convention, (we've pretty much seen everyone) and are planning to possibly attend Comic Con next year. 

But as Leonard Nimoy said, “Never say never.”  J

The Convention Report: (Day 1 not attended) Day 2 Day 3 Day 4

willliam shatner/leonard nimoy sir patrick stewart avery brooks jonathan frakes/michael dorn brent spiner

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